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“Prepare my spaceship immediately, I shall go over to Shenluo City now. Haha, this is a happy event. I won’t feel comfortable unless he treats me to a good meal!”


“Brat, you must have many secrets,” Tang Long said, troubled. “However, I am an AI butler and cannot interfere too much with your matters. All right, what do you intend to do with these top-grade gems? Sell them?”


“Not bad, not bad.” Hong Dali was quite satisfied with the results. He grinned and nodded. “Okay, let’s just wear these first and change when we have better ones.”


So-so. Hong Dali took the Dali beans and gently tapped Ackas little head. Acka opened its eyes unwillingly. Suddenly, it saw the Dali beans and its eyes lit up. It opened its little mouth and peck, it ate one. It opened its mouth again and, peck, ate another bean. Once more it opened its mouth and peck, damn, that was one more bean gone.


Big Brother Fang! Hong Dali winked at Fang Han. How long have you been here? I was going to gift you something after the auction ended.


Yes. The guard nodded. They went to a pawnshop, then to Star Harbor, Planet Registry, and lastly to the Brent Revolving Restaurant, which they are currently at.

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“Ruoxi.” The two of them laid on the bed and Hong Weiguo softly said, “I wonder how Dali is doing over there. Sigh, this little rascal, I really can’t stop worrying about him.”


Aye? The young man looked at Tianyi and Mu Huaqing, then at Hong Dali. He touched his chin and smiled. It seems you are not simple as well. Im King P. Ace. How about you?


En, good, good. Li Nianweis mother gently smoothed Li Nianweis slightly disheveled hair, sounding like she was going to cry. Our Nianwei is always a very understanding and good girl. Im sure you wont become Young Master Dalis burden. But your marriage She looked at Tang Muxin and sighed softly, clearly not daring to let others hear her. After all, Li Nianwei was her only daughter. She had to get married sooner or later. If she could marry the kind Young Master, Hong Dali, that would be perfect. But she was slightly despondent since Hong Dali already had a legitimate fiancee, Tang Muxin.


Go, go. Gate waved his hands. Remember to bring good cups with the alcohol next time!


Actually, he was already very polite. After all, his misses were resting after shopping and he, as a lackey, had to make sure they were well-protected. However, Tianyi had always felt that he was extraordinary and being arrogant had become a habit. Although he had some smarts, men, especially lustful men, tended to become too full of themselves when they had power and wealthTianyi shoved Li Yang aside and said angrily, Where has this lackey come from, are you blind? Cant you see who I am? I am an Honorary Aristocrat! An orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, dont you recognize the cloak?!


Tens of thousands of light-years! Even if he could come back often, it was different from being on Earth.


The System had made his body too strong. Needles and bats did not work on him at all. So, everyone sat on the floor and tried to think of something—what should they do?



Hehe, actually, I have some good news for you. The Bureau Chief suddenly smiled and then held out a handful of Dali beans from his pocket. Dali, look at this. I didnt think they would exist in the virtual world too. Haha.



The reward for level 29 was such a bird, then the reward for level 30… Honestly speaking, they didn’t know what they should expect. Although this was a good bird, the problem was that they still had to wait for it to grow…


Therefore, it was impossible to enter the filming industry here without a strong backing and possession of powerful technology.


These stores are big and lavish enough to sell only one piece of equipment a day. This is a very good gimmick. One piece of equipment sold for only one thousand Galaxy Dollars. Very prodigal and eye-catching! All pieces of equipment are equipped with gems, with a minimum of +8 per attribute gem. This firmly grasps a persons desire to take advantage of cheap deals. It is very easy to gain popularity.

  • After listening to what Yin Lieyang said, his wife thought about it and said, nodding, Thats true. How about we remind him?
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