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Currently, Lin Chuyin was researching on a device about half a human tall. Tens of energy gemstones were embedded on this device. Overall, this device looked really weird.


Pick up girls? Huaqing appeared odd. He looked at Tianyi, then turn around to look at Tang Muxin and the other two ladies on the bench. Finally, his gaze froze on Jiang Qianxue, who was among the crowd. He was shocked as he quickly bowed. I didnt think Miss Qianxue would be here. Gold-level Honorary Aristocrat Mu Huaqing greets my Lord.


“That’s just nice.” Jiang Qianxue’s eyes got brighter as she spoke. “You are an energy user and a relatively strong one, but the super genius is naturally stronger than you! You don’t really have any other abilities or aspects that you can boast about, and you are a super prodigal. No matter how bad the super genius is, he should still be better than you, right? So… so… you are the best experimental partner! You are an Honorary Aristocrat and is also related to Elder Mo Tianji. Even if my father finds out, he would not say much. There is no better choice than you!”


So, just like this, a large group of people visited shop by shop, level eleven, twenty-three, to the gem shop. In just one afternoon, but in the afternoon, all the shops were renovated. Hong Dali did not bother to go into much detail. He simply took down the partitions and made more seats.


“Aiya, this virtual world is really like the real world. Something got into my eye.” Hong Weiguo rubbed his eyes and took out his cigarette to offer Hong Dali one. “One?”


“Okay, since everything has been settled, let’s go back and rest now.” Hong Dali smiled and said, “After returning to the hotel, there’s still something very important to do. It’s time to raise everyone’s attributes!”

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This was an expert who had passed level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. Although they had not fought, he must be quite capable to dare to speak like thatafter all, skills were easy to recognize. Once he started to fight, people would know if he was really capable. If he boosted his abilities here, he would get beaten up to a pulp.


Gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat. Gate was very proud to talk about his son. Hes rather capable.


This was an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. They could not afford to displease him. Otherwise, if he decided to beat them up, they would be counted lucky if they did not die from the beating!


Soon, when he had finished processing all the gems, Hong Dali started calling for the lackeys. “Lackeys, come in and choose your gear!”


This The clerk stared with his eyes wide open. Then, he shouted excitedly, Scott from the Trenches Planet, twenty-four years old, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the thirty-fourth attempt, directly promoted to orange-level Honorary Aristocrat! Direct promotion!


There was already a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. The atmosphere was already tense. But when this young man came over, there was no tension. He looked like he was just approaching some friends to say hithe key was that no one knew who he was


“I don’t care. From now onwards, you are my experimental boyfriend. I will be following you around for this period of time. But don’t worry,” Jiang Qianxue nodded vehemently. “when I find the super genius our relationship will end. When that time comes, you will still be my friend, okay?”



Everywhere, people were talking about this. The entire Silver-blue super-planet had erupted, and the first thing they did when they met would be to ask, “Have you heard of the mysterious man? He’s really awesome, completing 30 levels in one day!”



Hehe, fight with you, Gate? Im not that The old man lifted his head and clasped his hands behind his back. He smiled and said, However, I think that you will probably give me some face, right?


Ah. No need to bother about him. Tang Muxin was used to it and no longer found his ways strange. Anyway, Hong Dali may be a prodigal, but he had always had good luck. There was no way anyone could compare with him. Other people squandered and became bankrupt. However, the more Hong Dali squandered, the more he had to squander. There was simply no way to compare.


She was an extremely intelligent girl. After the initial frenzied idolization died down, she soon calmed down. That was why she was sitting here alone instead of with someone else.

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